What’s Gneech Up To Now?

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Hey, new readers and returning friends! ^.^ It occurred to me that some of you might not be aware of things I’ve got going on currently or what I’ve been up to since Suburban Jungle finished, so I figured I’d post some links here for you to check out.

  • — This is my “official” site, with my fiction, ongoing projects, and random fits of geekiness. It also contains all the links here and probably more. :)
  • My LiveJournal — I don’t care if it’s so 2001, LiveJournal is still the best social/blogging platform in my opinion, and it’s also pretty much my online home, so there are more “personal” posts there as well as my “is srs bizness” posts.
  • @the_gneech on Twitter — WARNING: I’m a chatty guy and will fill your feed with links, retweets, and silliness. Don’t follow me unless you like a talky feed.
  • My DeviantArt Page — I post art pieces fairly regularly here. Lately they’ve been largely in the vein of MLP:FIM fanart, but there’s also commissions and generalized art (not always furry) here. Suburban Jungle cast members have been known to pop up from time to time. ;)
  • My FurAffinity Page — This is all furry art, usually mine, occasionally commissions I’ve picked up from other artists (always labeled as such). SJ cast members and ponies abound.
  • My Google+ Page — I don’t use this one as much as the others, but I occasionally post here.
  • My Facebook Page — I’ll admit it: I hate Facebook. But there are people who will only go there, for reasons I cannot fathom, so I have set up a page that pulls from my LJ and Twitter accounts, so you can follow me there if desired. Just be warned, I probably won’t see it if you respond or mention me there. :)
  • E-Mail? — Yup, I do that too. :)

Hope to see you around! :) I love to hear from folks, so do say hello!

-The Gneech


Must Fly Page 01-02

…wherein we meet Fagin in his natural habitat: driving a crazy vehicle.

We launch the story with two pages, introducing not only Fagin, but also the amazing clockworks, the continent of Calypsitania, and the concept of “Moreaus.”

In this setting, the framing device of The Island of Doctor Moreau, that it is the manuscript found among the papers of Edward Prendick, and subsequently published upon his death by his nephew Charles Prendick, is considered to be factual.

Since the publication of the manuscript, a new organization has set about to continue the late Doctor Moreau’s work, with mixed results. Fagin, born an arctic fox but surgically and chemically altered, educated, and “elevated” to being a man, is one of their most promising subjects.

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