FrostDemn (frostdemn) wrote in suburban_jungle,

A little fanfictionlet

I can't say it's my best one, but...

"Greg!" Brigid pulled on his arm, "We're at the mall to find my cousin a baby shower gift, not go to the arcade!"
"Oh relax, I'm just going for one round of Galaxian!"
"We don't even have time for that, though!"
"Considering how often and how well I play Galaxian, we do."
"Ug," was all she could reply, as she took up a seat facing away from the game. A seat that happened to be facing the Dancing STAR game a couple of teenagers were just finishing with.
"Hey, Greg, what's that? I've never seen anything like it!"
Greg looked up as one of his remaining ships was blasted to smithereens, "Oh, that's Dancing STAR. I think it's nice they finally bbuilt a game where you actually have to move around!" His eyes went back to the alien starships, "The concept is simple. You watch the arrows move across the screen and when they meet the ones at the top, you step on them."
A little red ship then destroyed his own, distracting him from Brigid moving toward the machine, quarters in hand. "Shoot, one life left. Well the game can get pretty hectic and it's hard for even people with the best rhythm! Ooh, an extra ship!" Greg began tapping the 'fire' button not realizing a crowd of teenagers was cheering for the lady that got the triple-A score on the second hardest song in the game.

I think I sorta fizzled out toward the end. That's what happens when you don't eat breakfast. :x
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