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Suburban Jungle -- The FUTURE!

Now that NeverNever is in somebody else's court for the time being, I can start thinking seriously about where I'd like to go with Suburban Jungle, and I'm curious what you folks would like to see. Here are my thoughts...

This much, I've got. It's going to be comic pages/graphic novel format. I'm going to aim for two issues a year, which translates roughly into a page or two a week, and then every four issues will be collected into a graphic novel.

This is where I'm undecided and I'm interested in what you readers would like to see. I could...

  • Start fresh with an all-new story. All-new characters, all-new setting, a complete break from the past. It would still be anthropomorphics (i.e., furries), just 'cause I like 'em, but beyond that it's up in the air. Good points: It's new and exciting! Bad points: Who knows if people will like it or not.

  • Stick with Suburban Jungle. Move the story along a few years, change the setup a little, weed out some old characters and cycle some new ones in, but basically keep the same iconic touchstones and fan-faves -- Tiffany and Leonard, the Watering Hole, Leona, Drezzer, etc. Good points: A known quantity, the comfort of beloved characters. Bad points: With ten years of history, people might be intimidated about where to start. Also, it might need some serious shaking-up just to keep it fresh.

  • A spinoff about ______. Basically, taking one or two characters and going off in a new direction, such as "Louis going off to college," "The Squash and Stretch Mysteries," "LEONA!" or something along those lines. Good points: Keeps a little familiarity, SJ regulars can make guest appearances from time to time. Bad points: Like a new strip, it's largely an unknown quantity.

There may also be other options I haven't considered, so this is your chance to suggest something new. Whattya think? I'm very curious.

Poll #1517309 Suburban Jungle -- The FUTURE!

What do you think Gneech should do next?

MOAR Suburban Jungle! Tiffany, Leonard, the whole gang we know and love.
Something new! That story's finished, let it be and move on.
A new spinoff series about _________ (please elaborate in comments)
Give up comics, you hack!
Something not listed here (please elaborate in comments)

Thanks! Comments welcome.

-The Gneech
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