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An Emotional Moment

I just marked "Scripts for SJ" off of my to-do list for the last time.

The last Suburban Jungle comic strip has been scripted.

It was hard. Not because it was difficult to script — I've had the plot outlined for months and the basic idea in my head for years — but because it was so hard to force myself to do it.

Suburban Jungle has been one of the key defining aspects of my life for ten years. To write "The End" and put the pencil down means that my life is changing in a big way. It's a good change, one I've been looking forward to for a long time, but even good change on this kind of scale is just plain scary.

I'm emotional, but not sad. It's like graduation day, there's just an enormous bundle of stuff flying around in my head. Something is ending, yes — but something else new and exciting is about to begin.

It's a big deal for me. Words can't really get it across. But I'm grateful to all of you who've stayed around and been patient to reach this point. The hard part, for me, is now done. The rest is all technical. Sitting at the table and converting my storyboards to pencil and ink can be time-consuming, yes, but it won't require me to overcome all the massive resistances put in to place by a subconscious trying to protect itself from change.

The shape of my whole world changed tonight. And it's scary. But it needs to be done.

Thank you, everybody. I hope you will be pleased with the result.

-The Gneech, September 21, 2009.
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